Greetings all, Welcome to my shack

Thank you for visiting my web site. My name is Denis. Born in the Marquesas Island in 1955, I got my ticket in 1984, call was FO8MD. At the moment I am living in beautiful Raiatea Island, and my main interests in ham radio are DXing and contesting.

My station has changed throughout the years,

  • 1984 - Started with a Belcom LS102-X (10m band only) with a home brew 3 el Yagi.
  • 1985 - Got a Yaesu FT-757GX II with home brew 4 bands vertical antenna.
  • 1988 - Trade the FT-757GX-II for a Kenwood TS-940S, got a VIC20 computer used mainly for RTTY.
  • 1990 - After some 6 years of great fun I lost everything in a fire caused by a neighbour and this added to family and work commitments kept me away from radios for a while.
  • 2005 - Got a Yaesu FT-897D, put up a 40m vertical antenna and start QSOing again from time to time.
  • Sept. 2012 - Starting QSOing on a more regular basis with my FT-897D and a home brew 4 bands vertical ant.
  • Dec. 2012 - Santa gave me a YAESU FT-950, + got a FT-1000D from a fellow HAM here

Now I work mostly CW - FISTS #14153, SKCC #9940, CTC #3052, 9A QRP #108

Member of: Clipperton DX Club #1583, ARRL, CORA

Thanks again for stopping by. VY 73